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#Winter #Skin Care from #BABOR

#Winter #Skin Care from #BABOR



With winter around the corner, dry air is bound to leave your skin #dehydrated, tight and well, no one wants to age a few years in the space of a season! So be prepared with #BABOR! Invest in their #Lipid Intense Cream, part of the #SKINOVAGEPX Vita Balance range and let your skin be the last of your worries this winter.

#Lipid Intense Cream contains intensively #moisturizing active ingredients and selected lipids to treat dry, flaky skin that feels unpleasantly tight. #Hyaluronic acid in two molecular weights stores moisture in the skin, while pomegranate extract stimulates the growth of very fine transcellular water channels (so-called aquaporins) and thus improves the distribution of water in the skin. All this combined with pure, natural oils, alpine stem cells and the active catalyst, Osmo Tec, keeps your skin smooth, soft and supple no matter what nature throws your way!                                                                                                                                           ●●●●●50ml; R1057.00


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